Welcome to RyaFraser.com


Rya uses Gibson and Epiphone Les Pauls

Gibson 1971 SG

Gibson Hummingbird acoustic

Fender and Gibson acoustic guitars

Vintage Coricidin glass slides

Hughes and Kettner Triamp MK2 full stack

Fender M80 full stack amp(back up amp)

Pedals : Dunlop wah,Boss chromatic tuner,TC Electronics Corona chorus,Morley volume pedal,TC Electronics HOF Reverb,TC electronics flashback,Electroharmonix C9 organ machine,Phase 90,EP booster,Guyatone autowah,ModTone Space flanger,Boss RC-300 loop station,Marshall footswitches,

Seymour Duncan blues pickups,Gibson humbuckers.

D'Addario XL 9.5/44 Nickel wound guitar strings

Tortex .88mm white Jazz 3,1.14mm Black Jazz 3 guitar picks

Pedaltrain pedalboard cases

Flightcase company cases for amp heads and speakers

Roadrunner guitar cases

Fender cables

Hohner harmonicas

Ultimate support stands

Privia/Casio pianos

Lanikai ukuleles

Peavey mixers

Sterling audio microphones

Tama drums and Iron Cobra pedals

PROMARK Shira Kashi Oak PW5AN drum sticks

LP percussion

Kay bass guitars

Roland V-Drums